Father’s birthday party

 Under the family’s agreement, 9/23 everyone came home to join my father’s birthday


After the family set up to Yue Yuen Garden Hotel for lunch, everyone’s luck is eating on the 100th tables.


You look my daughter has very happy  你看我女兒多開心

in the Dinner, we talking about anything, take pictures, play mobile phones are very happy  在餐會中,大家聊天、拍照、玩手機都很開心

You see, he is the most handsome man, isn’t it?  你看這位就是今天的第一大帥哥,好帥對不對??

Everyone to take a photo together, it is a perfect end, isn’t it? great!!!   大家來一張團體大合照,做了一個完美的結束,真是太棒了!!!

I want to know about your suggest, then I can improve it, thanks.

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