my first camera canon 700D

Because of change mobile phones, love photography 因為換手機,愛上攝影

Why do I use the camera and fall in love with it? when do I use canon 700D or Sony A7R2 or Lens of Leica.
On the September 2014, I just want to change my mobile phone, I saw my colleagues to use iPhone 4, it is very good and want to have it, I went in to internet by Google to see all of article about iPhone, when I looking at the features of new iPhone 6, Found it take pictures is very beautiful and  interesting.
And discuss the various functions of the camera with my colleague, I thinks I also like to take pictures, the photos can record life, can keep memories, can write all of things about family and friends.

想起2014年九月,當時只是很簡單的想要換一台智慧型手機,看到同事拿iPhone,覺得很不錯,就跟著上Google研究iPhone手機,看著當時新款的iPhone 6的手機功能時,發現原來拍照也可以這麼有趣。

Then, I went to the Internet to find all the information about the camera, learned how to take pictures, how to shoot good-looking photos, and finally, I found He Zhen’s article, that is very complete and easy to learned,I spent about 1 month to study all the articles of He Zhen,  I learned below things :
1. What is exposure?  three elements of Exposure, aperture, shutter and ISO
2. What is safe shutter?
3. How to take a picture in varieties of circumstances, such as: daytime, night … and so on.
4. How many effects about the aperture and shutter when I take a picture?
5. learned variety of filters, each filter can create what kinds of effect, and how to use it … and so on, a lot of content, He Zhen is very good, we can refer to his article or join his community

Found He Zhen’s article to learn photography knowledge 發現賀禎的文章學習攝影知識

1. 什麼是曝光? 曝光三元素,光圈、快門及ISO
2. 什麼叫安全快門?
3. 在各種狀況下,例如:白天、夜間…等,如何利用這些知識拍出一張照片?
4. 光圈及快門可以讓照片產生什麼效果?
5. 各種濾鏡…等,很多內容,賀禎很不錯,大家可以參考他的文章或加入他的社團

Get the camera canon 700D and enjoy photography 取得相機,享受攝影

Because of my colleague use the camera of canon, He Zhen also introduced the canon, I check with my wife to buy camera, then I have my single monocular camera canon 700D on 23th Oct. 2014, I bought all of these:

由於同事使用的是canon的相機,賀禎也大部份介紹canon,在和老婆溝通下,買入了自己的第一台單眼相機canon 700D,共買了這些:
1. Canon 700d
2. EF 50mm 1.8 II
3. Tamron AF18-270mm f / 3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD AF Lens

When I have the camera, I am very happy, and take pictures near my home, and save these photos.



I want to know about your suggest, then I can improve it, thanks.

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