Welcome to my secret garden, to see my photos, take from my lens of Leica, Lens of Sony and Canon.
I love all of the beautiful things, take pictures, flowers, art … and so on.


Because of charge my mobile phone, I love to take picture 因為換手機愛上拍照

About take pictures :
In September 2014, I want to change my mobile phone. I watch a lot of mobile phone information on internet, then found the camera function of phone is very interesting. And fell in love with the photography, I look for a lot of information about the camera, to understand what is the exposure? What is the aperture, shutter and ISO, and then I had my first monocular camera, canon 700D.

在2014年九月份,為了要更換手機,上網查詢很多手機的資料。當時發現手機拍照功能很有趣,當時就迷上了攝影,同時也查詢了很多拍照的相關知識,瞭解什麼是曝光?什麼是光圈、快門及ISO?然後就有了我第一台單眼相機canon 700D。

I took 700D about a year and found it was not enough take all of situation on take pictures. the focus is not accurate, too much noise, but the 700D was also let me have a lot of good memories. these memories I will be put in my blog, One by one to record my footprints.


Use Sony A7R2 使用Sony A7R2相機

My second camera is Sony A7R2, it is really a great camera. I likes it, it is very nice, enough to meet my needs.
In order to meet the “what you see and what you get”. I use the M mode to take pictures. on the time, I use the FE 35 ZA and Batis 85 to take a lot of records. they are very nice.

我第二台入手的是Sony A7R2,他真的是一台很棒的相機,我很喜歡他,各項功能都是那麼的齊全,足以滿足我的需求。
為了滿足「所見即所得」的需求,我使用M模式進行拍照,這段時間,我使用FE 35 ZA及Batis 85留下很多記錄,都很棒。

Sony A7R2 flange distance was very short. almost all of Sony’s non-reflective monocular cameras can use the adapter to connect  various lenses. or even the

old lens, it’s let me with the old lens have a very deep feelings.

由於Sony A7R2的法蘭距很短,幾乎所有的Sony無反光鏡單眼相機都可以利用轉接環連接各家的鏡頭,甚至是老鏡頭,也讓我跟老鏡頭產生相當深厚的感情。


how do I use lens of Leica and other lens 認識萊卡及其他老鏡

Inadvertently, I noticed Leica photos, the feeling and effect is really good, and began to study Leica’s relevant information. and then began to study the old lens, the old lens can another kind of effect, taste, feel really Stick. my fiends help me to understand about the old lens. and give some lens, I started using Leica lens, now I have :


Leica SUMMICRON-R 50mm f / 2
Leica SUMMILUX-R 80mm f / 1.4
Leica APO-TELYT-R 180mm f / 3.4 APO

When I am interested on old lens, connect to Internet to see a lot of  information about old lens. If I have any question will ask friend, friend was very enthusiastic explanation characteristics of each lens. and each lens have what kind of advantages and disadvantages. just in few days I Know a lot of lens manufacturers, names, a variety of lens features …. and so on. to see someone else’s photos on Facebook marked name’s of lens, Those are no longer a synonym for strange. and I am really happy.


The world of old lens is very interesting 老鏡世界真是充滿樂趣

After understanding the lens of each manufacturer, I will use lens of Takumar, canon FD, Nikkor, contax and Olympus in the future. and perhaps have unknown lens is waiting for me to explore. Accidentally opened the door of the old lens world, by Mr. Su’s lens library, let me found this wonderful and interesting world. these old lens is so cute, and very great, Thank you very much for Mr. Su’s help.

總結各家的鏡頭之後,我應該除了萊卡的鏡頭之外,會再看看Takumar、canon FD、Nikkor、contax及Olympus的鏡頭,也許未來還有不知名的鏡頭等著我去探索;總之,我不小心開啟了老鏡世界的大門,藉由蘇兄的鏡頭庫,讓我發現這個奇妙又有趣的世界,這些老鏡是多麼的可愛,真的是太棒了,真的太感謝蘇兄了。

They shoot the effect is really beautiful, I think I will continue to complete my photography dreams.